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All four of these cape designs were inspired by carnival culture. The intent was to blur the The catch motion shirt but in fact I love this lines between ready-to-wear clothing and festival wear. My label, Wyld Flwr, was born from a love for both Carnival and Burning Man, as well as the idea that fashion is a conduit for one’s radical imagination. Joy as an act of resistance is at the root of the Trinidad Carnival. For me, this new iteration of the Wide Awakes advances the movement beyond traditional protest to a form of protest well-known to Caribbean people, where we boldly proclaim our freedom through acts of celebration. —Anya Ayoung-Chee

The catch motion shirt

I hope the The catch motion shirt but in fact I love this presence of all the cloaks in the October 3rd procession will inspire a sense of unity, not through uniformity, but through multiplicity. The many fabrics and designs mirror the variety of people and ideas that come together to shape the Wide Awakes and the larger social movements of our times. —Kambui Olujimi

The catch motion s hoodie

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