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If you recently have discovered that you “smell” like metal, you may wish to see a neurologist as soon as possible. Unfamiliar or strong smells (especially those which cannot be smelled by others) may be indicative of a neurological issue that needs to be addressed. I would advise you to get this checked out straightaway. If you have recently started smelling like and it can be detected by others, you may wish to book an appointment with a general practitioner as you may be experiencing issues with your liver.Your body may not be properly disposing of wastes and toxins and the resulting accumulations are being excreted in your sweat and your respiration. This may be a very serious condition and you should deal with it ASAP. Often it is the type of foods you eat. Example-I was going to have some rather delicate vascular surgery done and about 6 weeks before they did a test to see how my blood flow was (guy wearing ear phones put a microphone on my foot and hand). He listened and said I was normal. I said, “Normal. That blows. I want to be better than normal” and said I was going to start eating whole cloves of garlic. The next day I started swallowing down 3 to 5 cloves of peeled garlic. About 2 days into this program I was driving down the road with the windows open when I felt the need to pass some gas and let er rip. Even with the windows open the pungent odor of garlic filled the car. WOW!!! It was major. About a week later I was working outside on my car with my neighbor in a strong wind when I quietly let one slip through the net. Almost instantly his head spun around like it was was on a swivel and sporting tears in his eyes asked, “Was that you?” I could have cleared an auditorium. But to show you the positive physical effects this natural wonder plant had; a few days before before surgery they did another test only this time when the tech turned on the machine his eye’s bulged out and he quickly ripped off the headset saying, “What the hell did you do? You sound like you have a river running through you!”

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Check your diet. some strong spices can really raise hell with how you smell and some people have allergies to certain foods and allergic reactions are not just your throat swelling up or breaking out in hives. With some people it could mean creating an odor even though you feel fine. A guy that was really into healthy eating told me years ago about a process called a cyto-toxic (?) test that through a blood draw could identify any allergies and that the average person was allergic to at least some degree to about 45 different food items. I have never been able to track it down (I don’t have a lot of allergies so haven’t thrown a hard study on it) but I’m sure you could start hitting allergy specialists. How will you know if you smell bad? Why would someone not know if they smell bad. When a person moves their arms they can smell an underarm sweat/bacteria smell. They run their fingers though their hair an oder can be smelled just by he movement of the hair and the air movement. When someone walks if their clothes are dirty or their body oder is present the air around them will smell. When someone takes off their shoes the air wafts up and they can smell if there is an oder. Good or bad they can smell it. If someone has a funky taste in their mouth that Tells a person their breath is bad. If people put more space between themself and a smelly person or cuts conversation short they smell the funk and truth be told the funky person knows they smell but denies /ignores it. If there is a reason for bad body oder and a person baths daily and still had bad oder, that person needs medication. They need to know what foods eek out of their skin and avoid those foods. ie : onions, food related disorders that ooz out of the skin. Bacteria on the skin turns rancid that person knows. Don’t waste any time calling the utility company. They’ll come to your house and say, “Yup. Your oven needs to be serviced. Hire a professional.” Then they’ll turn off the gas to your stove and give you a useless bright orange card which they’ll instruct you to give to your service technician, useless because your service technician has seen this issue several hundred times before.

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