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It isn’t necessarily new any more, but increased use of Agile has got to continue to be an important trend in project management. Agile significantly increases the complexity of project management and the skill required of project managers. It is no longer a matter of force-fitting all projects to a traditional, plan-driven approach to projects that hasn’t changed significantly since the 1950’s and 1960’s. In today’s fast-moving world, there is a need to fit the project management approach to the nature of the problem and the business environment that you’re in. That many times requires blending Agile and traditional plan-driven project management in the right proportions to fit the situation.

Today, “Agile” and traditional plan-driven project management are still treated as separate and independent domains of knowledge with little or no integration between the two and it is left up to the individual project manager to figure out how to put the two together. We need to adopt a broader view of what “project management” is – if we continue to hold on to the notion that traditional plan-driven project management is the only way to do project management, the project management profession will not continue to play the leadership role that it has played for a long time.

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Yes I do have a retirement plan I plan to build hot rods sweatshirt

Tents were pitched so that small black tents can gather underneath, carpets were laid, biriyanis started getting distributed. Despite knowing that it had nothing to do with Indian Muslims, many of them started writing in newspapers and websites about how anti muslim the law is. Media outlets of not only India, but around the world were bombarded with early warning signs by compassionate intellectuals. They also participated in television debates, which even they understand are futile. They could do only this because many of them had earlier returned their awards in the attempt to portray isolated , unconnected law and order incidents, as part of one grand anti muslim conspiracy. They deciphered the Fascist govt plan to exterminate 20 crores muslims by mob lynching them one by one. The rest never had any worthwhile awards.
There were murmurs amongst the genuinely concerned supporters about whether there was indeed something horrific about Indian Muslims in the law. They were given stories about how cordial and jovial the environment at the protest site was,how the crowd gave way for ambulance, how locals helped with food and mattresses etc. When they were still not convinced, they were told that if so many people are protesting, and if so many intellectuals are opposing, there must be something wrong with the law. Some were convinced, some were threatened/ bullied into subversion with implicit threat of being billed as a crony capitalist- fascist Brahmin Bania govt sold-out. After one month when the factual incoherences this explicit display of strength , masqueraded as genuine concern, got too evident to ignore, we heard from the major voices- Time out, time out please. CAA alone is not dangerous for indian muslims. It’s the CAA+ NRC arrangement which might be dangerous ( because there was no draft of NRC by then) . Everyone- who knew they are lying and who didn’t care what the facts are, resumed their online and offline battle against the evil concoction of laws which were yet to come.

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