Y’all got any uhh lamps shirt

“In the Y’all got any uhh lamps shirt But I will love this U.K., mostly everything is closed on Christmas Day—at least that’s how it was when I was growing up. Same goes for Boxing Day, the British holiday that comes the day after Christmas, though I do remember movie theaters being a rare exception. (To be honest, it is still unclear to me what the significance of Boxing Day really is. As a child, I imagined this was the day that boxing champions got to unwrap their presents—but, really, who knows!) Sometime around the turn of the millennium, when the Lord of the Rings franchise first kicked off, it became a family tradition for me and my two brothers to go to the movies on Boxing Day. There’s an 11-year age gap between my younger brother and older brother–I sit in the middle—so there was rarely much common ground between us as kids. Somehow, though, we all agreed that blockbuster Christmas movies were absolutely made to be watched on the big screen. Plus, it was a foolproof escape from post-Christmas chores. So each year on Boxing Day, we’d roll up to the movies together for the matinee showing. This was how we bonded as siblings: each quietly cradling our own box of popcorn (because these boys wouldn’t share), immersed in a J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy land in a near-empty movie theater.” —Chioma Nnadi, editor, Vogue.com

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