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If you look back in history, ultimately situations like this have always triggered creativity. Specifically when you think of Ferragamo, when Salvatore himself faced World War II, he created in that moment his most genius products. So we’re definitely trying to think outside the Unnecessary Roughness Pocket Shirt Furthermore, I will do this box—now we all have this extra time to ourselves, which has actually been beneficial for me and my team, trying to push boundaries in new ways. Of course, we can’t wait for the factories to reopen to work on prototypes and all these things, but the thinking about a new way forward is definitely there.

Unnecessary Roughness Pocket Shirt

Alessandro Sartori, artistic director of Ermenegildo Zegna From a creative standpoint, I think that the Unnecessary Roughness Pocket Shirt Furthermore, I will do this approach to design has to change. Less but better would be the way forward in my opinion. Collections will have to be more concentrated, very soigné and smart, with well-thought offerings, extremely well made and beautifully crafted. I’d like to launch the hashtag #SaveBeauty—everything from design to how collections are presented and sold in stores will have to be exceptionally well curated, with a meaningful story to tell and real substance. I truly believe in change, adjusting production and consumption to a more sustainable scale. I see collections made with a different mindset, with extreme care and attention to even more impeccable quality, with much more made-to-measure and personal engagement with customers.

Unnecessary Roughness Pocket Shirt Hoodie

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