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My turtle’s name is Boots. When I first got him, I took him out of his little box and I let him walk on the TB – TB T-SHIRT Additionally,I will love this hardwood floors and it sounded like he had on boots; I guess his shell kept hitting the ground. But my mom was upstairs and she asked, “What is that noise?” And I’m like, “It’s the turtle!” And she came down and we were like, “It sounds like he has boots on.” And that’s his name now.


What’s your beauty routine now? Are you actually using Nair, like you sing about in the TB – TB T-SHIRT Additionally,I will love this video? Or any other products Actually I’m still very hairy; I haven’t used Nair yet. It’s calling my name every day. One moment you’re like, “Okay, I want to keep myself up,” but then you don’t have a choice and you’re like, “Where am I going to even look nice?” That’s why I’m in sweatpants and that same hoodie every day. I guess we get so caught up in always trying to look nice and presentable, but who am I trying to please? Like, I know what I can do and who I am. I have braids right now—I’m just chillin’, I’m cool, I feel good! I think this is really allowing me to have some discipline. And if you think about all the restrictions, I’m making the best of the little things. I know a bunch of artists, and we’re kinda happy because we get time to spend with our families. So it’s cool to reset and re-collect.

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