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Now, Grimes is offering up yet another alternative to the We’re All Mad Here Shirt it is in the first place but classic music video format that’s more fit for our times. Yesterday, she released a green screen visual for her song “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around,” the raw components which are available to download for free. This gives her fans an opportunity to run wild with their own imaginations and create new versions of the video. Via an Instagram caption, Grimes announced the so-called “Quarantine Art Kit.” She also shared some recommendations for software and tools that she finds useful. “We were inspired by all the amazing art that gets sent our way, so hoping some of these things are of use when the days are long and lonely,” she wrote.

We're All Mad Here Shirt

Although the We’re All Mad Here Shirt it is in the first place but exposed green screen is obviously atypical, the outfit that Grimes wears in the video falls into more familiar territory for the eccentric artist. The artist wields a sword in an empress-like, gold-trimmed Heaven Gaia gown with a matching robe, which she pairs with black, chunky platform shoes and mechanical wings that spread out to expose knife-like edges. With little more than a green screen and some dramatic accessories, Grimes still manages to make a fantastical fashion statement.

We're All Mad Here Shirt Hoodie

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