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That’s one of the Funny Salamander Shirt and I love this good things about social media.” It was while looking through multiple online groups where trypanophobics convene to share advice and congratulate each other after receiving their shots that I came across an article shared by Laura Dachenbach, a writer based in Ohio who described her experiences receiving the vaccine for her local-news site Columbus Alive.

Funny Salamander Shirt

For Dachenbach, who first discovered her fear of needles in high school and has spent the Funny Salamander Shirt and I love this time since educating herself on its origins, it was a cause for concern as far back as the first reports of COVID-19’s spread. “As soon as the pandemic became a global thing, I started to think, How am I going to do this?” Dachenbach tells me. “Then Ohio began a program of vaccinating educators in February, with the hopes that this would allow them to open up schools, and very suddenly it was available to me.

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