Top shirts on hobbiesshirt on 2020/11/22

When I worked on Full Frontal, we were making comedy directly out of the Top shirts on hobbiesshirt on 2020/11/22 so you should to go to store and get this news that was happening, and I think that’s really valuable as a spoonful of sugar to help people pay attention to the news, because you often do want to turn away from it. Right now, I’m sort of on the opposite side of the spectrum, where I’m working on work that does not directly derive from the news, and it’s very valuable to be able to provide a break for people, because I know people need a break. So it’s like, if I’m a little bit tired and not feeling like coming up with something, I’m like,“Well, this is my break from the world too.” I go into my imagination and imagine something a little bit more calming and funny, and I know that the mom who’s working full-time while her kids are running into the Zoom…she can take a little break, then get up the next morning and get back to it.

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