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In another rental, there was soundproofing and bullet holes (including a bullet hole in the roof that caused a leak) but no evidence of anybody having been shot. There were also many live bullets and many empty casings all over. Amazingly (perhaps intentionally?) all of the small caliber bullets hit massive timbers so nobody outside was injured by bullets passing through the walls.

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In yet a different residential rental, there were large amounts of wood splinters, as if somebody had used a hand axe to chop up dozens of wood pallets. There was no fireplace where wood might have been burned, and no explanation where it had come from or what it was for.
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And in another rental, the residential tenant had such skills that they had subdivided the large interior space into smaller bed rooms which, though they were professionally done and very aesthetic looking, did not directly connect to or cause the least damage to the walls, ceiling or floor. It was an amazing show of engineering skill, and I opted to leave it in place rather than remove it because of how well done it was and the value it added to the rental. Go figure, huh?

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We lived in the enlisted family housing which was 4 story tall apartment buildings. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but I know it was 1972 and I remember it was a nice day out. A bunch of kids my age and older were outside playing while their parents looked on.

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The kids were playing on a hill that came up from the parking lot for the apartments and there were a line of garbage cans where the parking lot met the hill. I was stuck inside because I was getting over the mumps. I was playing in my room and watching the other kids play outside. I dropped a toy and was picking it up when there was an explosion that blew out the windows of our apartment (even though we were on the 4th floor).

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