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I wanted to go into the swimming pool, have fun (love fooling and playing), and after a few dips and fooling around, I wanted my brother to feel the same enjoyment I was having, to have fun, but he wouldn´t go into the water, which puzzled me, as the water harms nobody, rather your reactions and attitudes in it do. Eventually I came out and by surprise pushed him into the water. He completely panicked, went down, came up, spatted about with his hands trying to save him from drowning, oscilating afflictively in and out in such a way that I panicked too, becoming aware of the terrible mistake I had made,, and after what seemed an eternity of self-remorse, anguish I jumped into the water and brought him out. It seemed everybody had become aware of it, so much so that after a number of years, referring the swimming pool, a man who came to be my adversary in swimming competitions, remembered the situation.

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However, some years back, he brought this up in front of our parents, and since then I have not talked or visited him, as if we did not exist at all. I was working in a fairly small hospital. We had a 13 bed pcu unit. I was often requested to be a nurse to certain patients because everyone knew me, and I was pretty knowledgeable about my job. I learned the hard way that people are quite different, feel diversely, have hidden fears and issues that seem pathetic, but are very real and serious to them, and one should respect their shortcomings and be very careful and pedagogical about them, as instead of helping surpass what is it that is affecting them, they may even get more entangled in their phobias, deepening and hardening the reasons for them.

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