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I will say that it seemed when there was a crash on a highway (although more rare), it was very serious because of higher speeds, sizes of cars, less room on roads for evasive action. In terms of the BBC news reporting, I think for the most part the Beeb plays it pretty straight down the line. Sometimes they try a little too hard to do the whole ‘equal validity’ thing, but for the most part I think they pull it off. However, in terms of the entertainment content, there is no real doubt that right now the Conservatives are the perennial punching bags.

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Shows like Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week are pretty relentless. But here’s the thing – those shows basically earn their corn attacking the establishment. Back when we had a Labour Government (I know, I know – but trust me kids, we used to have them occasionally in times past) it was the Labour Government of the day that got attacked. I think you need to be careful to separate anti-establishment humour with anti-Conservative humour. Yes, he was already doing things with his mother such as the Opening of Parliament.


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