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No. I rather think that love is for the young people. Yes , beauty has a big part in it. And which young person does not look good? Young people have it all on their side. If a young person is fat, for instance, they can always get thin with a bit of effort, and once they are thin, they look perfect. Also, if a woman is, say, 50 y.o., she probably can’t have children anymore and men would not want to marry a woman who is not fertile (anymore). People want to have children, that plays a big part in somoeone’s love life too. Actually, I think it’s the most important thing. That is what love is for. Really. To create a family. Love is creativity, creation, procreation. A young couple will likely stay together because they also grow up together. They can’t just throw everything away. Unless they got it all wrong. Unless the marriage is really unhappy, which can happen even to young people. But normally you don’t dump your husband /wife if you love them and you’ve been together since 20 years old. People who are mature and still single, they have learned to love their life as singles and they don’t need a partner. They like the quietness, peacefulness and freedom of not being attached to someone else. Also they tend to be more compassionate towards needy people and important causes in our society, because they have more time for that, as they don’t need to dedicate time to a partner because they don’t have one. That is love too and it is the most unconditional love.

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To get into the weeds here I need to start with the simple truth that men’s brains and women’s brains are quite different. All humans have two mostly separated hemispheres that make up the higher portion of their brain. However, in most people men’s right hemisphere or “Right Brain” is larger than their left but women’s brains are the opposite where their left hemisphere is larger than the right. My wild theory here is that it is the right brain that experiences love – but only in women. In men the right brain is oriented toward spacial relationships and other intuitive thoughts. In women, I think the right brain is focused on emotions and relationships with other people. According to this (possibly nonsense) theory women experience love in much the same way that men experience a “Bump of direction”. Put differently, love is a natural feeling that women feel without knowing why or how. In this hypothetical universe men don’t feel love at all. So if you buy all this sincere but completely unproven nonsense you can accept my answer to the big question here. It is that when a man says he loves a woman (especially one he recently met) he is always lying or at least adding a great deal of imagination to the truth. However, it is possible (maybe even likely) that a woman feels love for a man she just met or has known for decades. That means she just might be telling the truth.

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