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At the start of her engagement to Prince Harry,after she stated she knew nothing about them, many of her old school chums came out and said that was not true, she had been almost obsessed by them for years. They had to go into the Chapel, two by two and perhaps it was to do with age as someone has already stated. But I noticed he moved his place several times and think it was just choice. It might have been because he would be aware that the funeral was being televised and there was interest about he and his brother’s relationship. I f it was to do with status for the Throne, he should have been with his brother.

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So to my mind there could be a multitude of reasons. Just one slight correction. Not Boris Johnson’s flat, but the publicly owned flat occupied by the current Prime Minister while he is in office. I think, when Harry gets dumped, he might have a prayer of going back to England and crying for his family to take him back, but Meghan is done for. She is not welcome and honestly, I’m surprised they haven’t banned her from the UK yet like they did Amy Winehouse. Besides, even if Harry does come back, he will probably suffer the same fate as Prince Andrew and have to be kept hidden far away from the press for years so as not to embarrass him or the RF.


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