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Absolutely not! In fact, in the UK feelings are very high against Meagain and Harry and very much for the Royal Family. It would take more than a two bit a actress to ruin an institution that is more than 1,000 years old or ruin a beloved Queen who has given her life to the UK. No, I think that interview will eventually ruin Prince Harry and his wife. With me, it was years of sexual abuse that I barely remember because I blocked it out so well. I know one thing, though; it caused me to experience shame and humiliation, and those two things I cannot stand.

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Ronald Acuna Flow Grande Shirt

A narcissist does not own up to being an abuser unless they are self-aware and have been through therapy. I know that I NEVER saw myself as an abuser, I saw him as an abuser, and I told everyone that he was as well. Narcissists developed defenses at a very young age. They had to learn how to cope with the abuse and neglect going on in their lives, so they used denial, distortion, projection, and splitting to deal with whatever was happening to them. They were never good enough, appreciated, accepted, loved, or cared for in the way a child needs to be cared for. Most were also going through some abuse or trauma.


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