Pug Elphapug Halloween shirt

I don’t even want his call. I don’t need him for nothin’. Not any more anyhow. I got the Mid East Peace Plan done without him. Never needed him for anything. I’d have become President without him and his money. I coulda used my own money if I had to, but I never had to. People gave me money from everywhere. You wouldn’t believe it. Miners in West Virginia gave me money. Farmers in Oklahoma gave me money; cowboys too. Nobody would have believed it. Even you probably gave me money. Who would have guessed it? People giving money to a wealthy guy like myself, a billionaire, self-made to help in my election over that crooked Hillary. People just like me I guess. And they hated her. Oh how they hated her. I should have locked her up. Still can. Wait til my 2nd term and see. I was told by one of my doctors by the size of my tumor I probably had cervical cancer for 10–12 years. They are guesstimating but I tend to believe them. I just never went to the doctor at all since 2009. Even then it was gir hormonal issues and I was put on a low dose birth control. Then my life got crazy with family and work and I was never sick so I didn’t go. Now I will be a very regular visitor to my doctor.

Tongues are for speaking out not licking boots shirt

Pug Elphapug Halloween shirt

Leopard best freakin’ aunt and godmother ever shirt

I’m your father cassette tape shirt

I am a simple woman chicken wine paw dog and flip-flop shirt

Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier shirt

Dragon touch my coffee I will slap you so hard even google won’t be able to find you shirt

Cats make me happy humans make my head hurt vintage shirt

Care Bear Rollin’ with my homie shirt

Nothing scares me I’m a diabetic I deal with pricks every day shirt

My broom broke so now I go fishing shirt

Koduck Scream painting shirt

Hocus Pocus I need weed to focus shirt

Beer and Cubs the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt

2020 a true American horror story shirt

I learned the hard way. It was only in the year prior to being diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer did I experience symptoms. I chalked them up to peri menopause. Then the bleeding got out of control. I was also dealing with the sudden death of my little sister so the doctor got put off again. I was diagnosed October 15/19. Started on aggressive chemo/rad in Dec & Jan and Brachytherapy in February 2020. Currently the tumor is gone and scans and biopsy show negative for cancer sells. They won’t say its gone or remission yet but we will keep a close eye on it. Having a middle-income or high-income. A middle-income is fine for getting wealthy slowly. A higher income will help make the process a speedy one. In some cases, you can also focus on the difference between your net and gross income as well. Look at the world we are living in today. Many countries have now allowed “remote worker visas” to attract people who can work from home. So many people can now earn the same (gross), but pay less taxes, increasing their net income in the process. That is only one example. Another example is in some countries you pay less if you are self-employed.

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