Never underestimate an old man with boxing gloves shirt

What a cute monkey. It looks like she’s happy at first glance. And she really wants to be, she just wants someone nice to play with. But if you look closer, you can see the fear around her eyes. The sadness in the arch of her brows. Can you see the hint that she might be about to cry? It’s old and blurry. You have to look close and no one ever did. She was borderline feral and that was just fine. This little one was me. The woman was my babysitter. She and her brother terrorized me. They made me drink vinegar, held me down & suffocated me, put lit cigarettes on my scalp and smacked me around. It was beginning to look like I was surrounded by unreasonably hurtful people. My mother had already had sex with strangers in my bed, pinned me against the wall. My mother’s rage and neglectful attitude still shocked me, but the beatings didn’t start until I wasn’t as cute and able to speak my mind. I know in this picture I still wholly believed I’d been born in paradise and people were inherently good. I was still just focused on the bright side of life. I had a sense of self but was beginning to be confused. Less than a year later I was sexually assaulted. This may be one of the only pictures of me before I lost all self-esteem and gave into the cognitive dissonance. Take a closer look when you see photos of children. When you see the hidden sadness, you find there’s far too many children living in utter despair.

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Never underestimate an old man with boxing gloves sweatshirt

To explain point 2 further, imagine friendship is a train journey. You board this train at stop 1 which is called STRANGER. 1000 people board with you. The train moves, you interact with these people until you get to the next stop. The next stop is called “SOMEONE YOU KNOW”, most get off because the interactions just didn’t click, about 200 stay on. The train moves and you have more interactions and experiences. Next stop is “FRIEND”, 150 get off, about 50 stay on. Train moves, more interactionss, next stop is called “CLOSE FRIEND”, 45 get off, 5 stay on. Next and final stop is called partner, 4 get off, 1 stays on. Has this person you are calling boyfriend been through all these stops or did you promote him too soon? It sounds to me like you’re calling this passenger a boyfriend when he hasn’t even reached the close friend stop. I say this because if someone treated you like this, you would not call that person a close friend. I’m sure you have at least 2 or 3 friends you consider to be closer than this boyfriend. Take your time, enjoy the ride, never devalue yourself and stop promoting “SOMEONE YOU KNOW” to “PARTNER” way too soon. The world is full of miserable couples who did exatly that and now feel trapped because they have children or a mortgage or just don’t want to admit they wasted all that time.

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