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Poog, which launched last November on iHeartRadio, is a funny and intellectual investigation of contemporary life through the high-gloss lens (or trick mirror) of wellness culture. (After all, Poog is Goop spelled backward.) Each weekly, hour-long episode addresses a different strand of wellness, from skin care to sleep hygiene, in which the pair trade personal anecdotes about the sensual pleasures of milk frothers and weigh the benefits of double cleansing. The two toe the line between critic and consumer with remarkable ease and self-awareness—and without a whiff of condescension. Berlant and Novak don’t parrot fashionable critiques of the industry and its practices, like mocking Gwyneth’s disciples or dismissing fitness fads; they delight in playing the same game we are. It’s the artifice of it all that’s both seductive and silly to them.

Trump 2024 the beSt is yet to come pro Trump shirt

Wellness—both the trillion-dollar industry and state of being—defies precise definition. For some, Pilates, crystals, and mindfulness are the keys to a purposeful life. For others, it’s a rigorous skin-care routine, juice regimen, and micro-dosing mushrooms. But for comedians Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak, the cohosts of wellness comedy podcast Poog, the earnest quest for spiritual enlightenment or self-actualization is rather dull. They’re more concerned with the absurdity of the wellness-industrial complex, how our cultural obsession with self-optimization is manufactured and marketed to us, and how it has spawned a laundry list of kooky products and services to help us buy our way to living well—whatever that means.

Trump 2024 the beSt is yet to come pro Trump hoodie

To help reduce bloating and water retention, Ross recommends regular exercise four to six times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes—particularly during quarantine when it’s harder to stay active and keep the body moving. One of the most popular forms of exercise for period relief is yoga, as popular poses such as child’s pose, downward-facing dog, and camel pose are known to help relieve cramps. Both Ross and Shepherd agree that practicing mindfulness is another important tool for period care. From meditation to breathwork, mindfulness activities can help reduce pain, fatigue, and stress.

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