I hate tacos said no juan ever shirt

Now, since being in self-isolation, I’ve attempted paring back my closet all on my own. Like many of my clients, at first I attempted to shrink my closet entirely alone: I opened a drawer, poked around a few T-shirts, then shrugged my shoulders and went back to watching Netflix. I get it. It’s overwhelming to do the task by oneself. I’m like any other person, and my drawers and hangers are saddled with emotions. There’s the I hate tacos said no juan ever shirt first blazer that I interviewed for this very job in (I can’t believe I wore a blazer), my first gift from a designer (a pair of hand-painted jeans), sweaters from my mother (a hole in each one!), and an ex-boyfriend’s denim jacket (he drew on the back of it for me).

Men's T-Shirt front

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