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Do I have anxieties, fears, and reservations about letting my BMI determine my vaccine eligibility? Sure, but I didn’t make the Fly Cicada Apocalypse shirt besides I will buy this rules—New York State did—and I value my personal health, both physical and mental, enough to accept protection from COVID-19 despite the inner voice that tells me that, as a fat person, I don’t deserve it. I hope every other person out there with a BMI that puts them in the obese range is able to muster up that same level of compassion for themselves. Matt’s ability to make jokes about his weight for the first time gets at a larger truth for so many fat people: The world has taught us that our bodies are sites of scrutiny, resentment, guilt, and, yes, disease but rarely sites of laughter or joy. Maybe we’d all be better off if we seized this moment to see fat people not as lazy societal scourges driving up thin people’s insurance premiums but simply as people—people who, like all others, deserve medical attention and care without the burden of judgment.

Fly Cicada Apocalypse shirt

Winter doesn’t have to be sodden with dark colors or a depressing spiral of drab outerwear. Instead, it’s the Fly Cicada Apocalypse shirt besides I will buy this perfect time to let a wild side show, and use your outerwear as an antidote to the frigid dark days of winter. Just look at Irina Shayk. Yesterday, the Russian supermodel wore a cropped, zebra print puffer jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier with a tiny matching zebra shoulder bag during a minor snowstorm in New York City. The rest of the look was her standard all-black basics, including her Versace boots. In her hand, she carried her daughter’s blanket.

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