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interests. The service will be conducted by the Dean of Windsor, the Right Reverend David Conner, and the archbishop of Canterbury Welby and is expected to last for 50 minutes. Among the readings will be Ecclesiasticus 43 and John 11. A four-person choir accompanied by the organ will sing pieces selected by the duke, including Benjamin Britten’s “Jubilate in C,” a piece he commissioned for the St George’s Chapel Choir. In line with the coronavirus restrictions, the congregation will not sing along with the choir. The choir will also sing an adaptation of Psalm 104, which the duke requested to be set to music by William Lovelady. The piece was sung at a concert celebrating Prince Philip’s 75th birthday. The Dean will then give the commendation and the duke’s coffin will be lowered into the Royal Vault, where many members of the royal family have been laid to rest. The vault, set beneath the chapel, was built by George III, who is one of several kings buried within. The vault will not be Philip’s final resting place. When the Queen dies, he will be transferred to the King George VI memorial chapel to lie next to

Plan For The Day Coffee Running And Wine Shirt

Plan For The Day Coffee Running And Wine Shirt

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42 North Foxboro Forever Shirt

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